You will find all the files that you have purchased in the “downloads” tab of your account.

Once in the “downloads” tab of your account, click on the black box containing the product name. A window opens, check “save file” and click OK. Thus the file is saved in the download folder of your computer.

When you download your purchased files, you receive a zip folder. You have to unzip this folder to be able to recover SVG, DXF and PNG files. To do this, right click on the zip folder, then click on “Extract All”.

No. You can use the SVG files to craft whatever you want, t-shirt, mug, frame, etc., which you can then sell, but reselling the file, even modified, in any way is prohibited.

For the moment, purchases on this site are only possible from the United States and France. Buying from other countries is not possible at the moment, but it will be soon!